Which matters more to your organization – leaders or the teams they lead? (hint: the answer is “both”)

If leaders could execute solo, teams wouldn’t be necessary. Similarly, if teams could self-lead, plan, direct and motivate – they wouldn’t need leaders. It’s the relationship between the two where the magic happens!

In our work with teams, we meet them where they are – chartering, imagining the future, executing, or encountering roadblocks. Our partnership with teams includes:

  • Setting vision, mission, values, and strategy with an understanding of the larger system

  • Chartering fundamentals – team goals, roles, processes and interpersonal guidelines

  • Building a sense of team – trust and identity

  • Giving and receiving feedback everyday and in every direction to help the team tackle the things that get in the way

  • Coaching teams in action – helping them to notice and address what’s working and what’s not



Trust Toxic competition
Healthy conflict Artificial harmony
Fun and spirit Drudgery and monotony
Pull Push
Collaboration Silos